SOS: The Soul as a Tool for Creating

SOS: Simplicity of Soul – Using Our Soul as a Creating Tool

Using our souls to communicate and create!

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Katheen Ann here! Welcome to SOS: Simplicity of Soul. This is my second podcast on soul thinking—the process of living a fulfilled and gifted life simply and naturally through soul thinking. Today’s podcast explains the soul’s use as a tool for creating.

I’ve been eager to get back to this podcast and am finally grateful I found this time to continue. I actually feel like now I am driven to share what I’ve come to realize is the one unifying factor that can literally, increase our well-being, protect our planet’s ecosystem and actually, if understood and employed properly, open the flood gates for each of us to tap our talents, contribute to the world and, in return, create abundance in every facet of our lives.

Tall order? Actually, no. Soul thinking is why we were born, and it’s far more easy than you think.  I titled this podcast with the acronym, SOS, for Simplicity of Soul because SOS in Morse code means “Save Our Ship” or “Save our Souls”. I believe soul thinking will “save” us. Simplicity of Soul explains soul thinking, which simplifies our approach to life. Actually, with soul thinking, we celebrate ourselves, others and our planet. Soul Thinking is humanity’s answer to who we truly are and why we are really here. Most exciting? Soul thinking is so very simple it will blow your mind.

As I shared in Podcast 1, back in 1979, my mother took me and several of my siblings on a surprise road trip that ended in a Catholic church in Worcester Massachusetts where I experienced an incredible contact with whom I believe is the Holy Spirit. To hear the full story, I ask you to please listen to Podcast 1 where I tell this story in depth.  (PLEASE NOTE: this blog is not a discussion based on the Catholic religion. I claim no religious denomination at all in telling this story. So, please, stick with me here.) Today, I want to explore further how fear and the chaotic ego stop us from using the power of our souls.

The Moment of Truth

As the years progressed from my initial contact, I thought constantly about my encounter. With the gift of time, I became less emotional and through thought and research, explored the possibility behind the experience. My consciousness awakened to better recognize that I had experienced existence exclusively through my soul—and that not only was it unbelievably cool, but I became palpably aware of my soul as a constant presence within me. I realized that while we all may know we have a soul, we may not completely acknowledge or understand its purpose within us, just like another organ of the body. The more I concentrated on my soul, the more I realized how my senses reacted with excitement to nature, the sound of another person’s voice, the sweetness of an inhaled breath, the connection I had with others by looking into their eyes.

The Soul As a Tool for Creating

When I was a kid, I constantly felt like something was missing in my life. That there had to be more than what I was experiencing. Well, this encounter showed me the “something” I was missing. It was a conscious connection with my soul. Once my soul connected with this source, I glimpsed absolute, sublime perfection formed as living, dynamic energy, Infinite Intelligence, Innocence and Joy. I believe I glimpsed the source of Creation—a source which translates to you and me.

I finally understood that our souls open the floodgates to endless possibilities. Why? Because our souls are a connection to the source of creation. We have been unable to recognize this fact on so many levels because fear dominates today’s world. Fear paralyzes positive productivity. When we shift to soul thinking, fear disappears. Curiosity arises and excitement takes fear’s place. With fear extinct from the human condition, creation becomes the norm. Yes. You heard me right.

When we consciously awaken to the existence of our soul, we actually become aware of our connection to everything and everyone we see and cannot see. With fear removed, we become comfortable knowing that what we cannot understand will eventually become clear. With soul thinking, seeking knowledge eventually bears Truth. We are not meant to be solitary beings. Soul thinking gathers us to each other because we all have inborn gifts we are meant to share with each other to enjoy our existence.

Nature calls to the soul
Nature Calls to the Soul

To understand and use this in-born gift of our soul, which we all already possess, is to unleash the power to be who we were born to be. As I said, once this awareness opens and fear diminishes, our curiosity heightens. We become more inclined to celebrate ourselves and everyone in our lives. Individuality suddenly doesn’t separate us from each other, but outlines the unique piece of each of us that fits the entire tapestry of creation. This new awareness from the soul actually binds us to each other. Where our soul is our spiritual life source, soul thinking awakens our awareness to the earth, this jewel of a planet, as our physical life-source. The earth is our playground. Our nurturer. Our performing stage. We understand that the earth evolved to perfectly accommodate our physical needs with all the proper elements for life. And likewise, the earth serves our spiritual needs by offering her flawless and magnificent beauty to leave us in awe.

How does one begin soul thinking? Simply and easily.

First, simply accept the fact that your soul exists. Think of the soul as another organ of the body, like our heart or our lungs. Sit quietly for a moment and probe inwards. You can even say, “Hello, soul. I am here for you.” I would not be surprised if you felt a tingling throughout your body as you greet your soul and it ignites at your recognition.

With your heart and lungs, you feel a pulse and an inhaled breath. You know your body is chorded with nerve endings and veins. We’ve also seen tons of medical studies to prove the existence of electrochemical activity in the body, but we cannot visibly see this process. The same with the soul. We cannot see it. So, the soul has been little attended, except through religion and mysticism, and that perception has not always been correct. Our soul exists for use NOW, just as our organs exist for use now. Our souls are connected to our life-source of creation, giving us endless possibilities which manifest as thought. Since we cannot see this source, and there’s been no scientific proof, we tend to believe the soul, or its power as a tool, does not exist. That’s where faith comes in. You remember the Kevin Kostner movie, “Field of Dreams”? You know, when that voice whispered, “If you build it, they will come.” Same with the soul. If you believe it, the soul will respond.

Our soul is the spiritual organ within us that grants access to power far greater than our intellect can carry us. Simply put, our soul is our conduit to God, the source of our creation, and continues to remain open to us as a source for creating! Please, let me be clear. This is not a religious statement. This is merely a fact of truth that was given to me in a moment of fear. Whether you do or do not choose to accept the truth of the soul as our umbilical cord to God, or Creation, it does not matter. Should one choose to continue life unaware of the soul’s existence, the soul continues to exist. It simply remains as an untapped source of energy that will return to source in the end. There is no other way. Energy, once created, cannot be destroyed. And we were created. Look down at your hands and see . . . there you are.

Now, if you choose to become aware of your soul, you will feel it come alive. You will feel calmer. Fear will begin to evaporate. You may become bolder in your decisions. More confident. Our souls shimmer with the essence of our ability to channel love and create using our chosen talents. This source remains open to us in our waking lives and in our dreams. This untapped energy is endless. Soul thinking does things like turn competition into co-creating; bigotry into curiosity; anger into compassion; envy into delight at other’s abilities to create. The more used, the more soul thinking opens our awareness with fearless strength and unbounded joy. Is this resonating within you? Does it make sense? I hope so. Let me continue.

How does soul thinking affect my life?

So, what I learned to be the first, single most important point of my experience is that You and I are the product of complete, unbridled love. Secondly, I learned the futility of that stupid (Yes, I said stupid.) four-letter word: fear. Fear initiated my encounter with this Being and fear silenced me for all these years after seeing the adverse reactions folks had to me. It took years for me to finally grasp the experience in its entirety. Now, I am no longer afraid. And I’m embarrassed that it took me so long speak up.  And, I declare completely and wholeheartedly that fear is the biggest scam on earth. Let’s go deeper . . .

Soul achieves no fear
No fear hands

What If . . . Fear was eliminated from our existence? Impossible? Hmm. I tend to think the possibility exists. Sure, as an evolved species, the flight or fight instinct still rests deeply imbedded in our DNA. Folks suffer phobias and fears too numerous to discuss here. But where fear was a tool we used as evolving humans to stay alive, consider this: What if we, as a species, have finally evolved enough that fear can be eliminated as a tool for our existence? I’m not discounting common sense reactions to danger. That is different. But the approach to dangers, natural and man-made, can be approached with a sense of fearlessness.

This is why:  During my encounter, I understood right down to my core that Fear does not exist at all for the being who connected with me. I know, you may say, well, of course. That is God. Why should he be afraid of anything? But consider this, just as you are created from your parents’ genetic makeup—you know, she has her mother’s eyes. He has his father’s disposition—so are we a creation of the stuff of the Universe—or . . . our Creator. If He is fearless, then it is within us to be the same. Think of the craze we have for Super Heroes! Could it be that we are recognizing our own potential? I am thinking yes. Our admiration of excellence and amazing powers is our soul recognizing its own ability and tapping at our awareness.

How the Ego has overrun its role in creating:

I believe that fear not only halts our forward motion to success, peace and happiness, but once more, I suggest that fear exists as the biggest scam on our planet! Fear is the brainchild of our Ego. Another invisible force within us that functions primarily for our primitive survival. The ego’s goal? To keep an individual safe from “danger” at all costs—even at the expense of others. The ego triggers this primal protection mechanism by instilling fear in each of us. Even now, when it is virtually no longer needed. And fear manifests itself in a broad spectrum from raw reaction to the most sophisticated thinking. I believe that we, as humans, have evolved enough to rely less on the ego and more on our souls. It is time to remove chaos caused by ego and create perfection from our souls.

Again, I’m not talking about fear of falling, or fear of fire. Those are instinctual and intelligent responses to keep our bodies safe and whole. I’m talking about fear of knowledge. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of the unknown. Fear of a stranger, the dark, spiders, flying. You get my drift. What began as an instinctual survival method has morphed into a way of life. Why? Because the ego, just as the soul, is a living entity within us that wishes to survive. The ego is another precious tool that helps us recognize our unique selves. Our talents. Our dreams. Our goals and desires.

However, we have given our egos free reign and they have run amuck. The Ego, as a living entity, but unlike the soul, will survive at the cost of your happiness. And, it usually does. The ego stays alive and grows stronger by separating us from our souls, from ourselves and from each other. Where the soul sees the planet as a living extension of ourselves, the ego views the planet as an inexhaustible resource for one’s own needs and pleasure. The ego makes us feel separated and alone, creating the craving to be connected to someone else. The ego is our worse critic. It builds us up, then knocks us down with self-doubt. It keeps us grasping at love, happiness, wealth and success but leaves us empty when we’ve achieved these goals. That is because we use our egos and our intellect to achieve our needs without employing our souls—the third wall of the triangle for perfection.

Now, understand this, as gentle as the soul is, it steps aside to accommodate the over-active ego. (Think of the ego as the loudest person in the room.) Where the soul recognizes free will, the ego does not. Actually, the greatest battle you will have in employing soul thinking will be reigning in your ego to even acknowledge the soul exists. In order to employ soul thinking, your ego will have to learn to respect your will. The ego will have to learn to be quiet. The ego has no plans of letting go, until you demand that it remains still.

Once again, don’t get me wrong. The ego, also a creation of God, is beneficial for us. It helps us recognize our inner talents. It helps foster our intelligence with the drive to achieve. But, the ego became more important than the soul because it delivers tangible results through emotion, logic and intellect. The actions of the ego bring material wealth, intellectual achievement and self- esteem. But, without employing the soul, the ego sets us apart. The ego makes one more important than another. The ego invites the vices that keep society in chaos: greed, avarice, envy, bigotry, lust, violence . . . to name a few.  All of these vices are sources of fear. The science of psychology took time to prove the ego’s existence, so the ego is accepted. The soul and its power as a human factor goes unrecognized because goodness is usually taken for granted. And since the soul’s existence cannot be proven, for now, only faith and trust make it so.

Fear Is the Biggest Scam On Earth

Now, here is where fear is a scam. In order to thrive, the ego uses fear as the most potent form to keep us (and itself) safe. The ego whispers the heady belief that we, because of our individual talents, are better than those who are not like us. The ego insists that our individual needs take precedence over another’s, be it a loved one or a stranger. Worse, the ego fosters that a person who looks or thinks differently from us is dangerous, because they threaten our own identity. Fear has brought us the troubles facing today’s society. In politics, religion, cultural beliefs, families, the ego makes us feel so important that we need to dominate those around us—through religion, intellect, class status, or in worse case, violence—to keep our own beliefs alive and most of all, safe. Many times it is because we believe we “know what is best.” This behavior is why the soul has been completely subordinated by fear and the ego reigns in today’s cultures. The soul honors free will. The ego does not. So, once more . . . What is the ego’s motive? Plainly and simply, to stay alive. How does it rule us? Fear. The ego creates insecurities, negative thinking, shameful or angry thoughts which undermine confidence, self-love and taking calculated risks. By dominating one’s conscious mind, the ego remains completely safe. The results? Lack of ambition. Self-loathing or it’s mirror opposite, conceit. Suspicion. War. Disease. Poverty. Pollution. Greed. Crime. Illness. Or . . . surprise, surprise, the current state of much of today’s world.

Igniting the soul will cause the ego to quiet and return to its original intention of helping us discover our personal talents. The soul will tap the source of our talent with love, excitement and generosity. There will be no fear that there isn’t enough, or that someone will steal it, criticize it or instill shame. To celebrate each other’s talents is to create the tapestry that is life on earth . . . perfect symmetry.

Now, you say, but there are so many wonderful things happening in the world today. I agree. Human evolution to soul thinking is manifesting in Today’s thinkers. The Millennials, Generation X and Y ages are creating innovative and environmentally conscious materials, machines and jobs while fighting to keep the planet clean, and remain progressive with new inventions and technology. I believe the younger generations are naturally becoming soul thinkers out of sheer need. I am seeing soul thinking emerging more and more in small children and toddlers. All the wonderful, awe-inspiring happenings in the world are coming from today’s soul thinkers. Only, I’ll bet most of them don’t even know that their Soul is the corridor they are tapping to create these new world and humane solutions. Imagine if everyone consciously tapped into their Soul for their thinking? The world would be perfect. We would achieve our personal perfection and get the chance to live our lives through perfection—as was intended! I’ll bet you can feel the truth to this, even as you listen. That is your consciousness tapping into your Soul. A gift ready to serve at any age, to accomplish every talent you discover you were born to share.

Now, I know you may be thinking, perfection is impossible. There is always something wrong somewhere. Serial killers. War mongers. Physical strife. Yes. These exist now. But violence began with man’s evolution. It was necessary then. We, as a species, have evolved. It is no longer necessary to attend the Ego which drove the behaviors that create evil—for lack of a better word. I cannot believe that a war monger could pull a trigger if they functioned from their soul. Soul thinking is the new evolution to bring about the world we all desire. Fearless. Strong. Successful. Joyful. Exciting.

Let’s talk some more in Podcast 3. Let’s discuss the power of Trust and ways to lovingly invite our Egos to quiet down so that our Souls can resonate. I want to talk about how Fear traps free will, which is our freedom to choose that which is best for our growth, welfare. You will be surprised how quickly your life changes for the better when you tap into Soul Thinking. Start now. Talk to your soul. Take a minute—or a few seconds—to sit quietly and meditate on its existence. You will feel the contact. No matter why or what your life condition, everything around you will improve merely by adjusting your perception. More of this discussion in the next podcast.

Meanwhile, thank you for taking time from your busy life to listen to my thoughts. I hope this discussion either confirms or awakens the truth for you about the power of Soul Thinking in our lives and in our world.  I welcome comments or questions. Please feel free to email me at I promise I will answer.  ‘Til then, please take the time to see yourself and each other through the eyes of your soul. All you have to do is look.

Much love! Kathleen Ann